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Takibi Grill and Fire Pit

Regular price €399,00

The Takibi Fire and Grill is made of durable stainless steel and designed in Japan for lifetime use. Portable and modular, it's ideal for gathering around a fire anywhere. The five-piece set includes the grill and its support, the Pack & Carry L firebox, the base plate and the carrying bag.

Complete this grill with the Fire Tool Set Pro and BBQ Tongs .

Strong points

  • Raises coals for even cooking
  • Use less coals
  • Compatible with the Pack & Carry L fireplace


  • Fireplace Grill (L)
  • Fireplace Grill Bridge (L)
  • Pack & Carry (L) Fireplace
  • Fireplace Base Plate (L)
  • Fireplace Canvas Bag (L)