Saros 20 Regular Sleeping Bag

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The Saros three-season sleeping bag is perfect for hiking off the beaten track when the weather is pessimistic. The Saros bag uses our eraLoft™ synthetic filling: quick drying, weather resistant, ideal for hiking and high mountains in wet weather, from spring to autumn. The bag design was perfected in our in-house cold room to create our “W.A.R.M. » with enough volume to adapt to different sleeper positions without compromising the thermal efficiency of the bag. The SynergyLink™ connectors connect the Saros bag with the mattress and provide superior comfort through efficient warmth and great freedom of movement, for the best nights rest possible. The Saros bag is available in three sizes, suitable for men or women. Compression bag and stuff sack included.

Points forts

  • eraLoft™ Fill : Efficient and compressible, water-resistant synthetic fill uses hollow fibers to reduce weight without sacrificing warmth.
  • “W.A.R.M. »: W.A.R.M. (“with extra volume for multiple positions”) means you can choose a variety of natural sleeping positions while maintaining the thermal efficiency of the bag.
  • SynergyLink™ Connectors : mattress connection for optimized thermal efficiency and comfort (removable for added versatility).
  • Zoned Insulation : maximizes warmth and optimizes weight by precisely distributing fill where it's needed most.
  • Toe-asis™ Foot Warmer Section : Ergonomic foot warmer section to quickly warm cold feet with a welcoming warm cocoon.
  • Duvet and blanket loops: adapt your sleeping system to the conditions by adding our technical duvets or blankets to the sleeping bag for more warmth.
  • Additional features: collar to block heat loss, full-length zipper protection flap, anti-blocking zipper, hood with drawstring and exterior pocket with zipper.
  • Compression bag and stuff sack included.