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Mini solar cooker GoSun Go

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Discover the GoSun Go mini solar cooker and cook your meals in just 20 minutes. It also allows you to boil water.

The GoSun Go cooker produces heat simply with the energy of the sun. It is easily transportable, compact.

The technological heart of the GoSun mini-cooker is based on its cooking chamber and its vacuum tube. When filled with food, the tube absorbs light and acts as an insulator, making cooking in the cold and wind particularly simple. The evacuated tube insulation helps maintain this heat, making all your meals hot for hours and whatever the time of year.

Strong points

  • Multifunction: it roasts, cooks, heats and boils water
  • Perfectly secure: No risk of fire. It is perfect for cooking with children around while keeping your kitchen cool during the summer.
  • Easy to use: Just open the reflector panel and let your mini-cooker do the trick. No risk of your food burning.
  • Delicious: Even cooking and retained flavors.
  • Easy cleaning: with just a cloth.
  • Fast: Cooks a dish in just 20 minutes, boils water in less than 45 minutes. Cooking container dimensions: Ø 4.4 cm; L 29cm
  • COOKING BETWEEN THE CLOUDS: The GoSun mini-cooker captures the sun's energy even when it's shielded. You just need to see its well-defined shadow on the ground to start cooking. Net weight: 1kg
  • Portable: Sets up in seconds. Light and robust, it can easily be transported and allows you to cook wherever you want.
  • Without fuel: No damage, no flame, no gas, no electricity, no fumes.
  • 2 years warranty