Cowboy Fire Pit grill

Regular price €699,00

Your ultimate cooking partner. More than just a barbecue, the Barebones Cowboy Fire Pit Grill is ideal for slow cooking away from the flames, placing pots and pans on the coals or simply staying warm around a fire on a summer's evening. Designed with our chef partners, its adjustable grill allows you to choose the source and distance of the heat, creating perfect cooking conditions. The top tool storage and hanging bar are a barbecue enthusiast's dream. Turn it on, cook and enjoy just about anywhere, and when you're done, take it apart for storage. There is no limit to what this grill system can do. An additional side shelf and cooking rack are available as options.


  • Modular design allows for multiple use as a fireplace, open fire grill and cooking station.
  • Height adjustable cooking grid with locking mechanism (can accommodate up to two accessory grids).
  • Top tool storage and three-part hanging bar - total height of 68 cm from the fire bowl.
  • Fireplace base with four feet - total height from the floor.
  • Four large adjustable legs - total height from floor 91 cm.
  • Hand pulled and twisted handles
  • Up to two side tables can be attached
  • Solid steel construction