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First implemented in Japan, the classic Hori Hori digging tool was originally used for the careful and methodical excavation of plants, such as Sansai, in the mountains. Barebones' unique version of this classic tool was designed for yard work. Its rounded top and serrated sides make it ideal for scooping, digging and pulling weeds. Equipped with a heat-tempered hollow blade, stainless steel tang and comfortable walnut handle, the Barebones Hori Hori is a versatile gardening tool you can use for a lifetime. The intentionally added wire cutter doubles as a bottle opener, allowing you to enjoy the refreshing drink of your choice after a hard day's work.

Points forts

  • Vintage-inspired Japanese design
  • 17cm tempered blade with wire cutter.
  • Solid stainless steel rod
  • Rich and durable walnut neck
  • copper ring
  • Serrated edge and smooth, sharp edge
  • Twine cutter and bottle opener
  • 2.5cm depth marking.