Take The Road

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Life in a van

Weekend trip, off-the-beaten-path vacation or journey around the world, discover the exciting adventures of traveling life. Hit the road reveals the secrets of vans and all-terrain vehicles, and their vibrant owners.

In search of adventure and to escape the monotony of everyday life, the heroes of this book travel the world in their house on four wheels. Weekend at sea or trip around the world, they have chosen to ride and stop whenever they want, for an evening around a campfire, a day and more if they like. On the road, they are at home!

An ode to freedom, Take the Road presents adventurers and their vehicles, from the classic Volkswagen van to the lovingly restored Airstream caravan, to the essential 4x4.

Northern lights in northern Canada, arid deserts in Africa and snow-capped peaks in Mongolia… discover breathtaking landscapes. Don't just dream of wide open spaces, escape and hit the road!