Flex 4 Cooking System

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MSR's System 4 is their most complete system for cooking for 4 on your adventures. With a large 5.3 liter anodized pan and a 3.2 liter nonstick pan, you can cook up a feast for the whole gang on a road trip, while its compact, nested design makes it a great option for big rivers and backpacking group trips. You receive an additional filter lid for maximum efficiency, as well as plates and cups for four people.

Strong points

  • LARGE CAPACITY: 5.3 L (179 oz) pot with two handles and easy grip, for large group meals in one pot.
  • Nesting design: saves valuable space in your bag or in the car.
  • TWO COOKING SURFACES: Hard-anodized, uncoated, non-stick aluminum pans provide the optimum number of cooking options.
  • Complete: Includes two lids and insulated cups, plus four-person DeepDish plates.
  • Content weight: 3.31 kg