WindBurner Group Stove System

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For backpacking and group camping, when you want to cook more than just freeze-dried meals, the WindBurner Stove System® Group allows you to cook quality food even away from home. It continues to work even in strong winds and low temperatures. The windproof and pressure-regulated stove system uses a 2.5 L Dutch oven so that 2 to 4 people can share delicious meals. The Fusion® Dutch oven's long-lasting ceramic non-stick coating wipes clean easily. The stove is optimized for all WindBurner cookware. It is suitable for different types of meal preparation. The system is compact and nests perfectly in the pan. As it does not emit scrap noise, you can walk enjoying the silence of nature

Points forts

Windproof performance: 100% primary air combustion, closed structure and internal pressure regulator, a winning combination for maintaining performance in strong winds and low temperatures.

Multi-use: With its long-lasting Fusion® non-stick ceramic coating and its closed ring that concentrates the heat, the 2.5 L casserole allows you to simmer small dishes over low heat and offers a lot of versatility. (For 2 to 4 people.)

Compactness : the components fit together perfectly and without making scrap noise with a 24 cl (8 oz) MSR fuel cartridge® IsoPro (sold separately).

Stability: the pan centers itself. It fits into the deep rim of the stove for added stability.


  • Radiant head burner, fine flame adjustment.
  • Pressure regulator for consistent performance.
  • 2.5 l aluminum saucepan with non-stick ceramic coating.
  • Lockable strainer lid.
  • Heel Grip collapsible.
  • One 24 cl (8 oz) MSR fuel cartridge® IsoPro (optional, sold separately) can nest in the pan.