Solo Stove

Bonfire + Removable Base Plat

Regular price €390,00
The Bonfire stove is made of stainless steel. Thanks to its patented concept, it brings you heat without creating smoke.

Points forts :

  • Less smoke, more flames: The camping stove is designed with a double wall that maximizes airflow and the combustion process. The bottom vents allow oxygen to feed the fire from below, while the double walls warm the air, blowing a jet of hot air over the fire, with reduced heat. the smoke emitted. With our fireplaces, no more batteries and fans.
  • More efficient combustion: Small particles that would normally turn into smoke are burned through the upper vents. With this smoke-free brazier, no more half-burned logs.
  • Support: Get the most out of your Portable Ranger Stove by enjoying it in even more places than before! With greater airflow, the stand allows you to use your portable fire pit on heat-sensitive surfaces.
  • Easy to use: The unique design of this camping stove requires no parts or assembly! The ⌀ 49.5 cm, height 35.5 cm, 9 kg wood stove is the ideal fire pit for the outdoors.