ProLite Plus Mattress

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To spend good nights under the stars while taking advantage of the support of a practical self-inflating mattress, our ProLite Plus is very popular. The mattress is 1.5" thick and scores an R-value of 3.2 for warmth in nature. Diagonal perforated foam allows for a lighter mattress without compromising warmth. Premium materials and foam deliver legendary Therm-a-Rest comfort and support. The versatile self-inflating mattress features our high-performance WingLock valve that allows the mattress to inflate three times faster with a larger opening and one-way inflation. Like all Therm-a-Rest mattresses, the ProLite Plus is locally manufactured to ensure quality and minimize environmental impact. The mattress comes with a compact storage bag.

Points forts

  • Three-season warmth: thick foam diagonally perforated provides effective comfort for your nights under the stars.
  • Ultracompact: Ultralight foam increases compressibility to reduce the volume of the rolled up mattress.
  • Self-inflating: the foam core inflates automatically. It only takes a few more puffs to achieve the desired level of firmness.
  • WingLock™ Valve : our intuitive and reliable valve maximizes airflow for easier inflation and faster deflation. The fins flip to save your energy with anti-reverse inflation.
  • Delivered with its carrying bag.