The Hinterland

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Cabins and other hiding places

The cabin has become our third place, our refuge where we can recharge our batteries and reconnect with ourselves, far from the constraints of society and the stress of everyday life. This book showcases the best of new cabin architecture and design.

Escape from the city and everyday life. Settling in the foliage of the forest. Use architectural remains as the basis for a new retreat. These are the building blocks of many dreams and realities present in the hinterland. Because, even if it only lasts a moment, we all need a change of scenery. Cabanas offer that coveted change. Located atop a mountain, tucked away in a village, or nestled in lush forest, the hinterland features welcoming hideaways and charming cabins, from shelter to home. These escapades free us from what distracts us and from what is not essential, and offer us to reconnect with nature and find our own inner peace.

Carefully designed and built, the stories behind these structures are just as curious as the walls themselves. Through portraits of the inhabitants and their invitingly inventive homes, The Hinterland explores approaches to architecture and design to create works that refresh and revitalize amid the beauty of nature. With the right materials and the right frame of mind, this moving collection reveals that we can all create our own radiant refuge and follow the call of The Hinterland.