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Along the Pacific Crest Trail

Follow Tim Voors in his epic journey on the Pacific Crest Trail and set off with him for 6 months of walking, sublime landscapes and reflections on life.
The Pacific Crest Trail, a mythical long-distance hiking trail, runs for 4,265 km along the American West Coast, from Mexico to Canada. Deserts, mountain peaks, waterfalls, torrents, national parks, the crossing offers many physical challenges and strong emotions.

Tim Voors, a Dutch father, makes us live in Alone an adventure he decided to lead alone. He tells us about mountain lakes with transparent waters, nights under the stars, spontaneous friendships forged around happy campfires. But he also describes the loneliness, the fear of the elements and the feeling of helplessness in relation to the forces of nature that he had to overcome.

Over all, Alone shows us the power of wildlife to get back to basics. The author's illustrations, watercolors and photographs give substance to a lively story that does not forget to explain the practical aspects of preparing for such a journey, from refueling to anti-bear strategy. The contagious enthusiasm of Tim Voors is an invitation to pack your backpack and set off to rediscover yourself. Don't hesitate, the world is waiting for you!