The New Outsiders

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A creative outdoor life

The New Outsiders features must-see places and unusual experiences, from Iceland to Patagonia, for anyone who calls the great outdoors their second home.

At the heart of this book are those maverick minds who go forward to find creative solutions to protect and preserve the landscapes that have transformed us – ideas deeply inspired by our connection to nature. From the pioneers of closed-loop apparel, continually recycling their materials into new products, to the open approach of sustainable outdoor brands, we hold ourselves accountable for our actions in everything we do. We do free diving under the ice in Canada and free climbing on the peaks of Patagonia. We hike across the frozen tundra of Baffin Island, savor the beauty of North America from the saddle of a bicycle, and ride the waves of the Arctic. Grab your backpack and head outside, it's time to be inspired to live a less ordinary life under the open sky.