Portable Solar Light SUNLIGHT 100 Teal

Regular price €35,00

No need to load yourself with countless batteries thanks to this portable solar lamp. With the energy of the sun you will need 7 hours to recharge it against 2 hours by USB port. All for an autonomy of 3 hours at full power against 50 hours at most, a power of 100 lumens and efficient lighting.

You will also be able to change the color of the lamp or to vary the intensity when using the white color.

But again, don't be afraid to leave it by the pool or forget it outside since the Sunlight 100 is resistant to splashes (be careful not to immerse it).

The portable solar lamp SUNLIGHT 100 by Biolite is perfect for those looking for a practical, efficient and resistant model.

Strong points

  • Convenient
  • Resistant
  • Effective