Asgard Tent 12.6m²

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The Asgard 12.6 tent is a classic, spacious bell tent that can accommodate up to 6 people.
Its simple construction with a central pole facilitates assembly and its height (250cm) offers optimal space. Four openings close to the ground can be opened from the inside and provide welcome light and ventilation.

The tent fabric is designed to keep you dry. A unique treatment maintains the natural breathability of cotton. When it rains, the fabric first absorbs some of the moisture, the fibers swell, the fabric becomes perfectly waterproof.
In combination with a special stitching technique, the tent can withstand heavy rain without any worries about coating or waterproofing.

Width: 375 cm / Length: 400 cm / Height: 250 cm
Weight: 16kg

Strong points

• Tent for 6 people
• Ideal sleeping environment
• Adjustable center post for a perfect fit
• Sides can be rolled up for better ventilation

Mount your Asgard Tech Mini tent with the dedicated mounting kit:


Asgard Tech Mini Assembly Kit

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