"Nous fabriquons des objets à l'épreuve du temps, tout en adaptant nos produits classiques aux exigences moderne"

Made in Germany

Savoir-faire, tradition et qualité depuis 1893

The hurricane Feuerhand lantern originated in a small plumber's workshop where, in the 1870s, Herrmann Nier made lanterns among other things. In the course of industrialisation, large factories replaced small ones. Therefore, in 1893, Herrmann Nier and his brother Ernst Nier decided to establish a factory for the production of Huricane lanterns.

In 1933, the first Feuerhand lantern of the Baby Special series was born. The lanterns at that time were equipped with fireproof borosilicate glass from the Schott company in Jena. Since 1989, the Baby Special 276 has been produced as the only cold-blown lantern model.