"Our inspiration: the magic of southern Chile and its people."

Local manufacturing in Patagonia since 2014

Promoting local know-how and heritage

"Since 2014, we've been working side-by-side with local communities in southern Chile to make perfect handmade pieces. We've been inspired by the amazing people and breathtaking landscapes of this mysterious and hidden part of the world. Our goal is to promote and protect this unique cultural heritage and its legacy for future generations."

Each piece is unique and represents local heritage

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Preserving a know-how unique in the world

"The traditional carpentry craftsmanship of Liquiñe is unique in its kind in the world. Mainly, due to the geographical and demographic characteristics that framed its development. After what is called the "Pacification of Araucania" (1881 ), the large indigenous Mapuche population that inhabited the plains of the eastern shore of Lake Calafquén was confined to indigenous reductions, such as Challupén, Tratraico and Pucura, located in a sector of Andean foothills northwest of what is today 'hui Liquiñe and Coñaripe. Liquiñe (watery eyes in the Mapudungun language), appear as settlements of Mapuche communities and stand out as a pre-mountainous area of ​​Patagonian forests. World Crafts Council"