Glamping means "glamorous camping" it is about bringing the luxury of a hotel room into the wild and wonderful nature.

Bet on Hygge

Unlike wild camping, where every gram counts, there's no need to skimp on luxury for a family basecamp. Take inspiration from the Danish concept of hygge (a feeling of cozy contentment - Nordic sweaters and cinnamon-scented candles are optional) and fill your trunk with rugs, cushions, camping lanterns, cozy clothes for post drinks. -adventure and many additional coverages. Regardless of weight, it is also worth replacing treadmills with cots. The Rold Wooden Camp Bed will not only give you the best night's sleep you've ever had in the wild, it will also double as a bench during the day. With its beech frame and canvas, it is also very beautiful.unique tarnished their travels. Jussi's search for a reusable bottle that met both his demanding hydration needs and his style failed time and time again, and he guessed he wasn't alone. He pledged to create a company that would fill that void and soon after, Mizu was born.