"Great art, like the great outdoors, has a tremendous influence on people, and we seek to bring the two together."

The genesis

"When you love something, you care for it, whether that favorite thing is as small as a t-shirt or as big as a national park." At The Landmark Project, we were founded on the idea that the best way to show we care is to do our part. We choose low impact materials
We know that the textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world and that it is responsible for around 10% of carbon emissions in the world. For a company whose vocation is to create wearable works of art that honor our natural spaces, we consider it our responsibility to provide you with the best possible product with the lowest possible impact.

We eliminate unnecessary plastic. Polythene bags, hang tags, and other small plastics often end up in our landfills and oceans, where they take countless years to break down. Replacing unnecessary plastics with unbleached paper and other natural fibers whenever possible is a small way to reduce the negative impact of these materials on the environment.

"When you wear our products, we want you to be inspired to take the next step towards protecting the land you love."

Since 2017, The Landmark Project has partnered with the U.S. Forest Service in creating tribute artwork for Smokey Bear. All of our Smokey Bear designs are licensed by the US Forest Service, and 10% of Smokey Bear sales are donated to the USFS for wildfire prevention education. So far, the Landmark team has raised nearly $500,000 to help Smokey Bear's cause. For over 75 years, Smokey Bear has been the icon of wildfire prevention.