Base charge 1500

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The Base Charge 1500 Biolite power station allows you to plug in your electrical devices wherever you are.

It has a Li-ion battery capacity of up to 1521 W, with three types of inputs:
- A combined wall input (120W)
- Solar charger (400W)
- A port for USB-C PD input (100W)
Charging times range from 13.5 hours with the wall charger, eight hours with the wall charger and USB-C PD, and four hours in direct sunlight if you have fourSolar panel 100 units. It weighs 10 kilos and measures 348 x 277 x 187cm.

Exits :

- 3x230V, 50 Hz, 1200W (2000W peak power)
- 10W Wireless QI Charger
- 1x12V 120W
- 1x12V DC 120W
- 2x USB A, 5V 2,4A
- 1x USB C 5V 3.0A
- 1x USB C PD 5V, 9V, 12v, 20V / 5A (100W)

Points forts :

  • Safe and reliable design with 12-point battery checkpoint security system
  • Easy to read display for real-time control
  • USB C PD (100W) and wireless charging included
  • AC output up to 1200 W (2000 W peak power)