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The enchanted life of hunters and gatherers

The woods are full of possibilities: Immerse yourself in nature, meet mushroom pickers, collectors and explorers. Build cabins and scenic trails, create crafts or start inspired projects. This is the forest path.

Enter the forest - refuge, escape and home. Some go there for hiking or fishing. The people and projects featured in this book do so much more. Join them as they collect honey from wild beehives and pick mushrooms under secret oak trees. Build your own cabin or a treetop watchtower.

Bike paths, hiking trails, wood crafts. Everything and anything to experience the forest, both architecturally and immaterially. With profiles and essays that inspire us to think outside the box and photographs that bring us to the experience, Wildside is the guide to modern outdoor pursuits. Obi Kaufmann's works of poetry and illustration echo the feelings and vibes of the California wilderness. Working in the field of conservation and having a passion for the defense of wild nature, his creations weave a thread of environmental awareness and artistic honesty. Christian Watson blends tradition with his millennial point of view. It gets rid of technology and creature comforts to live in the world and the landscape. Juniper Ridge captures the scent and essence of the wilderness; its dedicated team is comfortable tinkering around a campfire and finding ingredients on forest trails. These cast of characters, hunters and gatherers, share the joy they feel living with and in nature, alongside the whispers and grunts of the outdoors. Wildside is their collective narrative.