Feuerhand Flat Wick 12 cm for Feuerhand 276 (5 pcs)

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Five flat wicks 12.5mm x 12cm suitable for the Feuerhand hurricane lantern.

Get the correct spade wicks for your Feuerhand hurricane lantern in a handy value pack, containing 5 spade wicks 12cm long and 12.5mm wide. These are suitable for all kerosene lamps and oil lanterns that also require a 12.5mm wick. The flat wicks are made of natural cotton and ensure a reliable flame from your Baby Special 276. Due to the perfect size of 12 cm, each wick is ready to use and lets your Feuerhand hurricane lantern shine. Feuerhand lamp oil improves odorless combustion with little soot, which leads to optimal burning time with each refill and longer wick life. This way you can relax in your garden or on your terrace in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Length : 12cm
Width : 12mm

The dimensions of the packaged product or sales packaging are approximately: 150 x 150 x 1 mm

0.05kg (Product may have light retail packaging.)

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