Trail Mini Solo Straw

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No more bulky than a large cup, the Trail Mini Solo cooking pot offers the essentials you need to eat – all in a kit that fits very small in your bag. Its size is perfect for boiling water for a freeze-dried meal or for a nice bowl of coffee. The saucepan does double duty, for preparing and consuming food and drink.

Points forts

  • Small volume: effective, it can hold a PocketRocket 2 stove and a 12 cl (4 oz) fuel cartridge, for a complete meal that takes up little space in the bag.
  • Ultralight: only 203 g (7.2 oz), to lighten your bag.
  • Sturdy: strong hard anodized aluminum pot, and polypropylene lid and bowl.
  • Versatility: the saucepan's insulated handle allows it to be used for eating and drinking; the lid serves as a colander; the bowl resists hot and cold.