Reactor Stove 1.7L

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Not only is the Reactor Stove System the fastest, most fuel-efficient stove ever made, it's also the only one to offer this level of performance in real-world cold and windy conditions. If that sounds like hype, take a look at these test results and see what exactly it means to you in the field. Quite simply, you'll burn less fuel, carry less fuel, and move faster than with any other stove. And with proven MSR quality and durability, you can be assured of performance that will serve you when you need it most.

Points forts

  • Integrated system: The state-of-the-art stove and highly efficient cookware are combined in a compact, complete and easy-to-use system.
  • Unrivaled Boiling Speed: Outperforms the competition in comprehensive lab tests—bringing 0.5L of water to a boil in just 1.5 minutes—with an even greater advantage under conditions real.
  • Unparalleled Wind Protection: : Heat exchanger completely surrounds the radiant head burner, virtually eliminating the effects of wind for remarkable boil times and fuel savings.
  • Maximum Efficiency: Radiant head burner (patent pending), heat exchanger and internal pressure regulator produce best in class fuel efficiency under all conditions.
  • Compact: All the systems are autonomous, the stove and the fuel fit together inside the pan. (The Reactor 1.0L system nests best with our new, smaller diameter 113g (4oz) cartridges.